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Song Mp3 Download: Henrisoul – Fire Fire (Faya Faya) + Lyrics

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faya faya by henrisoulDownload Gospel music Mp3 Faya Faya by Henrisoul. Use the download link below get this great gospel track. Also download other gospel tracks by Henrisoul HERE.


Lyrics of Faya Faya 
Henrisoul on this
this is a wake up call
to believers pon the nations
pray in the Holy ghost

Holy ghost fire fire
consuming fire fire
come burn up the bad man
we need you fire fire
come light up the place now, light up ah
Holy ghost fire fire
come take over the world now

Verse 1
so many people just dey yarn about
dem dey yarn about
them dey run their mouth just dey fagba
see them dey fagba
dem say my people no know God ooo
rara e ehhhh rara
dem con dey preach the word of God with human sense ooo
ordinary man language
even devil dey go to church ooo
abegi study to know the word ooo
the word of God ooo
so me fi know that there be false prophecy out there
me fi know that there be false prophecy ina the end time shall rise
to say the things they knowwww


Verse 2
So build up yourself in the most holy faith
praying in tongues in the Holy ghost ya ya ye ya
(Speaking in tongues)
me fi burn now
rain on us
burn now
fill us up
burn now
rain on us
for the end time we need the fire of the Holy ghost
ye aaa ah ah ye ah ah ah ah ah
this is a wake up call now
this is a wake up call
believers all over the world lemme hear you go say
fire yo yo
fire fire fire fire fire fire fire


Verse 3
Every tongue a fi rise up on judgement
you a fi condemn now condemn now condemn now
every tongue a fi rise up on the church
bringing down the blessed one of the Lord naa
me fi know your eye shining like a blazing fire fi riding pon the charioot
fi take over the world nowwwwww oh ohhh e yai


Demma try to confuse you
demma come in disguise
demma try to distract you
from the holy word of God
no let any confuse your word
no let any man contend for the word God fit plant pon your spirit
rise up now and declare from your heart
Holy ghost fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire
Holy ghost



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