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Song Mp3 Donwload: The Gratitude (COZA) – Da Blood (The Blood)+ Lyrics

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Da blood by the gratitude cozaDownload Gospel song Mp3 by The Gratitude COZA titled Da Blood. Use the download link below to get this track. Also get other tracks by the The Gratitude COZA HERE. Download and enjoy.


Lyrics of Da Blood
I plead Da Blood
Da Blood of Jesus
I ple..e..ead Da Blo..o..od
Da Blood of Jesus

[Verse 1]
Obara chineke no na sacha
Stains and detains oji’ amaka
Every time I gain
On’eme kam come close
I ga huna no gemehe nu’zor amaka
(nar the blood)
Notin you fit do wey can change the game
Otua ko’nadi, nwannem e dey bail
… … missing line … …

[Verse 2]
Something wey fit wash you white oh
Omo no be soap, no be hyp0 (Lala)
Blood get power
Cleansing power
Never, never need another
When the bada man come, you repel them
If them try me sick, E concern them
Pump action, we go shoot them (Lala)
Blood line drawn, we dey warn them

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Enemy wey try to suck my blood oh (Hey)
I overcome you with the Blood oh (Hey)
No even try, you no go know
Broda, oya open up your mouth
Drink the Blood oh

Da Blood of Jesus set me free
From sin and sorrows
Da Blood of Jesus set me free

[Verse 4]
See, see, rated five star, I’m a general
Spreading holy vibes for the King
Call the general
Took me from the piti, piti
Put me on the pedestal
Goodness on me sticky, sticky
Bloody win, we never start

Super hero to supernatural (Lala)
Nobody benefits from the festival (Lala)
On a come away freaking nar the saving (By the blood)
Sited in the highest of the Heavens (By the blood)
And I …

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 5]
When E red, Omo wetin you dey use
(Nar the blood)
Uche face no be wetin we dey look
(Nar the blood)
Make we wait, there’s a devil on the loose
Calvary tree no go give you mango fruit
(Nar the blood)
When we vex, we dey vex reach extreme
(Nar the blood)
Bad ma try to bash us, but we stand
(Nar the blood)
Wetin be the tin wey dey thick pass water
(Nar the blood)
Iyama tanga, wetin den dey fear
(Nar the blood)

[Verse 6]
Try to fight me
Such a mistake
Not a slave, ar no be kunta kente
Drink the blood ah
Like the blood ah
Just like pa
… … missing line … …

Shae you be winch
(I am witcher than you)
Middle of the night
( .. .. missing line .. ..)
… … missing line … …
Bible nar the sword, we dey speak in tongues too

[Repeat Chorus]

{I plead da blood eh
Da blood of Jesus}

Jesu Christi, Oluwa wa
Amin, Amin, Amin
Orukor Jesu!




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